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Nature Sounds to Help Save Earth’s Climate


10% of the proceeds from the sale of all CDs, downloads and streams will go to organizations that are saving the planet with climate change initiatives, tree planting, habitat restoration and protection of endangered species.

Nature Sounds with Music from the Stephen Bacchus Label


CIRCADIA - Stephen Bacchus (2018 Newest release!)

Infused with “enhanced” nature sounds, ambient atmospheres, and surprising musical manifestations, this album features eight new tracks. Here Bacchus has created an otherworldly, natural world by using the sounds, harmonies, and rhythms of nature as a starting point for musical explorations. He then adds lush soundfields, a vintage banjo and instrument samples from both the modern and the Renaissance eras. Listeners will find themselves drifting away, effortlessly, deep into the Circadian environments created by this sound and music alchemist.
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About The Earthaven Label

Earthaven is a label that brings the Canadian wilderness within reach. Our catalogue of nature sounds is recorded from the vast reaches of the pristine, wilderness. Broadcast on the Stingray Nature Channel (Canada), this label imprint brings listeners to remote lands that hold the power to unfetter the imagination. For those lured by the call of the wild, these are places of uncompromising splendor, of stark beauty and true solitude.


Puzzle Lake Paradise


Far from the noise of cities, towns and busy highways, there is a very quiet place. To get there you need to journey far for several kilometers down a lonely road, past farms and abandoned homesteads of a bygone frontier era, to finally arrive in a hidden enclave of deep wilderness. Here nature is, as it been for thousands of years – pristine and undisturbed. To capture the beauty of the natural sounds on “Puzzle Lake Paradise”, field recordist Grant Mackay, made several early morning and evening trips into the park during the springtime. Buy Limited-Edition Digipack CDr  Download from Apple iTunes  Listen On Spotify


NIGHTSCAPES: Midnight Sounds From The Wild - PAUL LaChapelle

As a cloak of evening darkness gradually descends, the natural world awakens with a chorus of nocturnal wildlife. Recorded in Massasauga Provincial Park and other remote locations, this Sounds of the Wilderness CDr employs innovative recording techniques, such as the capture of sounds from a slowly moving canoe. This immersive effect, developed by engineer Paul LaChapelle, gives the listener a 3D sound experience of actually being in the wilderness.
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Woodland Summer


Songbirds fill the air as the music of a passing stream lingers in background meadows. This album is filled with sounds of early morning folding gently into the repose of a lazy afternoon.
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The Forest Marsh


The location for this recording was discovered entirely by accident. While driving the “dangerous and unmaintained" roads of Northumberland County in my 4WD, I came upon a forest marsh deep in a hidden valley, among the rolling, pastoral, farmland hills. Not far from my country home in the village of Camborne, I was immediately struck by how such a wild place could be so close and yet be within our midst. Shortly after discovering this place I returned to record the sounds of birdsongs and bullfrogs of “The Forest Marsh” awakening at dawn. This real-time recording captures the closest experience to actually being there.

Lakeside Savannah


LAKESIDE SAVANNAH captures the day and nighttime bird and wildlife sounds of the different environments from the Point Petre Nature Preserve. This remote wilderness is located on the southernmost tip of the island of Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. Hear the wave sounds from the limestone rock shores on its western reaches; to the midnight sounds of crickets, peeper frogs and aquatic birds of its interior blue heron rookery; to the sounds of kingfishers, terns and seagulls who inhabit the southern shores of its gull bar. This debut album by composer, sound designer and field recordist, Grant Mackay is a tour-de-force of wilderness audio realism!

The Wildlands

THE WILDLANDS - Grant Mackay

"The WILDLANDS" provides a rare glimpse into the mystery and raw beauty of some of Canada's untamed wilderness regions. Gathered from different wilderness tracts hundreds of miles apart, these recordings take you to the wildlands just beyond civilization and then even deeper into the untamed and undiscovered wild. Recorded in the two provinces of Ontario and Quebec, this album highlights three distinct wilderness regions: Kipawa in central Quebec, Hastings County in Eastern Ontario and Queen Elizabeth II Wildlands Provincial Park in South-Central Ontario.
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Frog Power

FROG POWER - Grant Mackay

From a single frog to a chorus of hundreds of frogs chanting and calling in the final title track, "Frog Power", this album is a "must-have" for lovers of our amphibian friends and neighbours. Recorded over several seasons this diverse collection is captured from Canadian wilderness regions spanning nearly a thousand miles -- from the James Bay Region of Quebec in the North to Point Petre Nature Preserve, Prince Edward County, Ontario in the South . Here, you can hear the "power" of the Frog.
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Point Petre

POINT PETRE - Grant Mackay

Located on the southernmost tip of the island of Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. This vast tract of land is home to over 337 species of aquatic and land birds and contains one of the largest great blue heron rookeries in Ontario. From its vast sea-like shoreline of the Great Lake Ontario with its limestone beaches and gull bar to its savannah-like plains containing original old growth trees and significant deer population, to its large lagoons and marshes the Point Petre Nature Preserve is wild, pristine and diverse. "POINT PETRE" captures the day and nighttime bird sounds of the different environments of this wilderness location. Featured birdsongs and bird sounds include: Canada geese, great blue herons, red wing blackbirds, kingfisher, seagulls, terns, woodpecker, morning doves, plus birdcalls from many other species of birds. 
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Nature Sounds with Music from the Earthaven Label

Wilderness Mysterium

WILDERNESS MYSTERIUM - Stephen Bacchus/Danna & Clement

Embark on a journey into the mysterious heart of the Wilderness. Hear the calls of the wild mix with music inspired by the grandeur of ancient forests and faraway landscapes.

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WATERHAVEN - Stephen Bacchus/Danna & Clement

WATER, the fundamental element of all life -- the symbol for fertility, purification and rebirth. Expansive musical expressions accompany majestic ocean surf and intimate flowing streams.

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