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Music Labels With Oasis

Get lost in the instrumental music and nature sounds from the various labels of Oasis. We are a Toronto area, Ontario, Canada-based company that features several music labels. Our music label titles all have original cover artwork with creatively ground-breaking music for listeners seeking musically adventuous listening experiences. Our nature label, Earthaven, features pristine, audiophile recordings of remote wilderness environments and wildlife sounds with gorgeous, photographic covers of natural landscapes. All titles are available on hi-fidelity compact disc or as limited-edition CDRs and can be downloaded from the Apple iTunesTM store or streamed though Apple MusicTM.

Deep Tracks

Take the musical road less traveled while listening to music from Deep Tracks. This label plays musical adventures that reach deep into the past and deep into the future.


Earthaven is a label that brings the wilderness within reach. Our catalogue of nature sounds is recorded from the vast reaches of the pristine, Canadian wilderness. You can also check out our Earthaven recordings being broadcasted on the Galaxie Nature Channel. This label imprint brings listeners to a remote land within reach of the wilderness that holds the power to unfetter the imagination. For those lured by the call of the wild, this is a place of uncompromising splendor of stark beauty and true solitude.


This label features artists who create an ambient and atmospheric sound. Mirage features tracks from newly discovered artists who are leading innovators in their field. It also features "classic reissues" of ambient music of merit from the past, which have all been remastered. Our international roster of artists is drawn from all around the world.


Enjoy a music meditation for reaching your own inner space through Akasa. This label features artists who play Euro-lounge style (ala Buddha Bar) music, which is influenced by the Balkan beats. Their ambient layers, sampled environments, and objects are all modified through loops and digital effects.

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