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Music and Nature Sounds Labels Of Oasis

Get lost in the instrumental music and nature sounds from the various labels of Oasis. We are a Toronto area, Ontario, Canadian-based company that features several music labels. Our music labels, (Oasis • Mirage • Akasa • Deep Tracks), all have titles with original cover artwork and creative ground-breaking music for listeners seeking musically adventuous listening experiences. Our nature sounds label, Earthaven, features pristine, audiophile recordings of remote wilderness environments and wildlife sounds with gorgeous, photographic covers of natural landscapes. All titles are available on hi-fidelity CDs (compact discs) or as limited-edition CDRs. Downloads are avilable from the Apple iTunesTM store or our music can be streamed though Apple MusicTM.

From our original mission statement:

"A record company where unique and undiscovered music can flourish. A wellspring for new artists and listeners thirsting for a new sound."

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Deep Tracks

Take the musical road less traveled while listening to music from Deep Tracks. Musical adventures reaching deep into the past and the future.


the myth within THE MYTH WITHIN - Seb D.T.
A work of Sonic Mysteries. A soundtrack for a utopian quest...A Strange sound in a strange land.
Download from Apple iTunes.
drifting deep DRIFTING...DEEP - Stephen Bacchus, Hilliard Brozin, Ethereal Journeys
Melodic and ambient music for drifting...deep. This compilation features twelve new tracks by three different artists, from three different continents. Stephen Bacchus (Canada), Hilliard Brozin (South Africa) and Ethereal Journeys (Russia) each contribute their distinctive style for a deep musical experience of drifting within.
Purchase a limited-edition CDr    Download from Apple iTunes.

Also Available on Deep Tracks
THE KEEP - STEPHEN BACCHUS    Purchase the Limited-Edition CDr  Download THE KEEP from Apple iTunes
STARSONG - RICK MILLER   Download STARSONG from Apple iTunes


Earthaven is a label that brings the Canadian wilderness within reach. Our catalogue of nature sounds is recorded from the vast reaches of the pristine, wilderness. Broadcast on the Stingray Nature Channel (Canada), this label imprint brings listeners to remote lands that hold the power to unfetter the imagination. For those lured by the call of the wild, this is a place of uncompromising splendor of stark beauty and true solitude.



NIGHTSCAPES: Midnight Sounds From The Wild - PAUL LaChapelle
As a cloak of evening darkness gradually descends, the natural world awakens with a chorus of nocturnal wildlife. Recorded in Massasauga Provincial Park and other remote locations, this Sounds of the Wilderness CDr employs innovative recording techniques, such as the capture of sounds from a slowly moving canoe. This immersive effect, developed by engineer Paul LaChapelle, gives the listener a 3D sound experience of actually being in the wilderness.

Purchase the limited-edition CDr    Download from Apple iTunes

Woodland Summer

Songbirds fill the air as the music of a passing stream lingers in background meadows. This album is filled with sounds of early morning folding gently into the repose of a lazy afternoon.
Purchase the limited-edition CDr    Download from Apple iTunes

More Nature Sounds available on Earthaven recorded by Grant Mackay
THE FOREST MARSH CDr      Download THE FOREST MARSH from Apple iTunes

Music & Nature Sounds available on Earthaven
WILDERNESS MYSTERIUM - Stephen Bacchus/Danna & Clement
   Purchase the Compact Disc (CD)  Download from Apple iTunes
WATERHAVEN - Stephen Bacchus/Danna & Clement   Purchase the Limited Edition CDr    Download Waterhaven from Apple iTunes


This is the founding label of Oasis Productions and is devoted to world-crossover, Japanese, Celtic and new instrumental music.


Avalon AVALON - Calverley
A journey into the mythical land of Arthurian legends. Rich sounds of synthesizers with piano and flute.
Purchase an Avalon Compact Disc (CD)    Download from Apple iTunes

Also Available from Calverley 
Download Celtic Mysteries from Apple iTunes   Download Celtic Mysteries II from Apple iTunes
Zen ZEN SPIRIT - Tani Senzan
An album of shakuhachi solos played in the style by the ancient Zen priests. Excellent for use in Zen meditation.
Purchase a limited-edition CDr     Download from Apple iTunes

Also Available by Tani Senzan: Evening Snow limited-edition CDr    Download Evening Snow from iTunes

Also Available on Oasis
PANGAEA - Stephen Bacchus
   Purchase the Limited Edition CDr   Download Pangaea from Apple iTunes
ANCIENT MYSTERIES - Stephen Bacchus    Purchase the Deluxe Compact Disc (CD)   Download Ancient Mysteries from Apple iTunes
BARDO - Stephen Bacchus    Purchase the Compact Disc (CD)    Download Bardo from Apple iTunes
CELTIC DESTINY - Bruce Mitchell   Purchase the Limited Edition CDr   Download Celtic Destiny from Apple iTunes
THE GATHERING - Bruce Mitchell   Download The Gathering from Apple iTunes
CELTIC SANCTITY - Bruce Mitchell   Purchase the Deluxe Limited Edition CDr    Download Celtic Sanctity from Apple iTunes
CELTIC SPIRIT - Anderson/Meis    Download Celtic Spirit from Apple iTunes


This label features artists who create an ambient and atmospheric sound. Mirage features tracks from newly discovered artists who are leading innovators in their field. It also features "classic reissues" of ambient music of merit from the past, which have all been remastered. Our international roster of artists is drawn from all around the world.


THE WHITE LP - Danna & Clement THE WHITE LP - Danna & Clement
This rarest of reissues documents the earliest recording(1977) by this ambient duo. Remastered from the original vinyl LP titled "The White Album", the tracks on this recording showcase their early Art rock, electronic, and Renaissance music influences. The large work, "The Seasons" foreshadows the sound and direction the duo eventually went -- "ambient with nature sensibilities". A must have for the Danna & Clément collector.   Purchase a limited-edition CDr    Download from Apple iTunes.
Also by Danna & Clement:  The Best of Danna & Clement CD   Download The Best Of Danna & Clement
THE AMBIENT ECLIPSE THE AMBIENT ECLIPSE - Steve Roach (USA) • Hiroki Okano (Japan) • Danna & Clement (Canada) • Stephen Bacchus (Canada) • R.S. Thompson (USA) • Jeff Pearce (USA) • Frank Quasar (Belgium) • David Knight (U.K.) • Peter Ball (Australia) • Paul Tedischini (Canada)
Sonic navigations through dark, subterranean soundspaces and irredescent, ethereal realms. An international ambient music compilation produced and conceived by Stephen Bacchus.
Purchase The Ambient Eclipse Compact Disc (CD)
Also Available on Mirage
Ambient Origins - Stephen Bacchus   Purchase the Compact Disc (CD)    Download Ambient Origins from Apple iTunes
The Best Of Danna & Clement - Danna & Clement   Purchase the Deluxe Compact Disc (CD)  Download from Apple iTunes
A Gradual Awakening - Danna & Clement   Purchase the Limited Edition CDr   Download from Apple iTunes


(1) A diffused ethereal fluid (acasa)occupying space: 
it has the property of audibleness, being the vehicle of sound, derived from the sonorous
rudiment or ethereal atom. (2) A new label imprint from Oasis that ventures into the uncharted musical territories of new tonalities, fluid compositional forms and sound adventures.


MINUS (-) 6 - Static Flux MINUS (-) 6 - Static Flux
Ambient layers, created by recording environments & objects, then modifying them via loops and digital effects.
Download from Apple iTunes 
This album is mostly in a Euro-lounge style (ala Buddha Bar), with music influenced by the Balkan beats. 
Purchase a Beat Of The Old Bazar Compact Disc (CD)  Download from Apple iTunes

Also Available on Akasha
Etherium: Music Mediations - Stephen Bacchus  Purchase a limited-edition "Etherium" CDr  Download from Apple iTunes