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Stephen Bacchus

Born in 1959, Stephen Bacchus has many years of experience as a composer, sound designer, and producer. He has a large repertoire of best-selling and artistically adventurous albums that he has both authored and produced. Stephen Bacchus aka Grant Mackay began working in sound at age nine.

Always a musical adventurer, Bacchus has explored Classical, Jazz, Rock, World and Electronic Music. Besides the piano and synthesizer, he has played clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone, electric guitar and Mrdangam (South Indian Drum). He also has experience conducting small chamber ensembles. His many releases feature his synthesizer work, sounds of nature and both orchestral and world music instruments.

 Stephen Bacchus newest album, "Circadia" was released on 10/30/2018.

Seb D.T. SEB D.T.
SEB D.T. defines his creations as “sound paintings.” A landscape, a scene or an object are always the source of his composition. An image or a memory will inspire him an atmosphere and acoustic textures from where a musical work will emerge. During his childhood, his favorite game was to spend hours near the stereo, listening but mostly daydreaming and reorganizing the arrangements of the music he was hearing.

As a teenager, wanting to handle as many instruments as possible, he built his very own small home studio which became his main tool. In 1998, he improved his skills in one of the best audio schools in Canada, the Recording Art of Canada, in Montreal, and also did an internship at the renowned Studio Morin Heights. His musical versatility has never left him.

His classical guitar as well as his synthesizers and his rock distortion effects are all essential to achieve his “sound paintings.”