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Music and Nature Sounds Labels Of Oasis

Get lost in the instrumental music and nature sounds from the various labels of Oasis. We are a Toronto area, Ontario, Canadian-based company that features several music labels. Our music labels, (Oasis • Mirage • Akasa • Deep Tracks), all have titles with original cover artwork and creative ground-breaking music for listeners seeking musically adventurous listening experiences. Our nature sounds label, Earthaven, features pristine, audiophile recordings of remote wilderness environments and wildlife sounds with gorgeous, photographic covers of natural landscapes. All titles are available on hi-fidelity CDs (compact discs) or as limited-edition CDRs. Downloads are available from the Apple iTunesTM store or our music can be streamed through Apple MusicTM 

From our original mission statement:

"A record company where unique and undiscovered music can flourish. A wellspring for new artists and listeners thirsting for a new sound."

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Stephen Bacchus

From his early days in the 1970s, Bacchus has always ventured down a "sonic" road less traveled. From electronic, classical, jazz, world, field recording, rock, New Age, and ambient music, he has explored and embraced them all into his music. Currently, his discography includes sixteen albums as a composer and field recordist, as well as over fifty albums as a producer.



CIRCADIA - Stephen Bacchus (2018 Newest release!)

Infused with “enhanced” nature sounds, ambient atmospheres, and surprising musical manifestations, this album features eight new tracks. Here Bacchus has created an otherworldly, natural world by using the sounds, harmonies, and rhythms of nature as a starting point for musical explorations. He then adds lush soundfields, a vintage banjo and instrument samples from both the modern and the Renaissance eras. Listeners will find themselves drifting away, effortlessly, deep into the Circadian environments created by this sound and music alchemist.
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Ancient Mysteries


A musical exploration into the mysteries of ancient civilizations and lost continents. Bacchus soundcrafts an adventure of sonic archaeology by using “vintage” digital synthesizers (i.e. Korg Wavestation, Proteus 3 “World”, Roland Juno 106 and more), then combines these to create hybrid imaginary instruments, like giant pan flutes and “standing stones” percussion. These tone poems of the ancient world take the listener on a journey of mystery, wonder and awe.  Purchase the Deluxe Compact Disc (CD)   Download from Apple iTunes   Listen on Spotify

hinterland CD

HINTERLAND - Stephen Bacchus (2016 release)

The music on “Hinterland” was inspired by two decades of sojourns into the Canadian wilderness. Infused with the circadian rhythms of nature, each musical miniature unfolds organically, slowly, revealing in sound the hidden epiphanies of the wild in all its beauty and gentle fearsomeness. Like the steady footfalls on the trail, this is music that takes it time. Bacchus coaxes subtle treasures from his experiences in the deepest quietudes of the many remote Hinterlands he has visited.
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PANGAEA - Stephen Bacchus

PANGAEA - Stephen Bacchus

The term used to describe the vast supercontinent that was to have existed on earth over 225 million years ago, before breaking up into the continents of the present day. Stephen Bacchus has taken his inspiration from this concept and created music using instruments and environmental sounds from nearly all the continents of the world (koto, shakuhachi flute, gamelan and more!). Combined with this are state-of-the-art synthesizers and samplers, which together form an exciting new blend of World music and New Age music.  Purchase the Compact Disc (CD)  Download from Apple iTunes  Listen on Spotify

BARDO - Stephen Bacchus

BARDO - Stephen Bacchus

Bacchus recruited an eclectic orchestra with Native American and bamboo flutes, whistles, shakuhachi, ethnic harps, lutes, and zithers. The diversity of ethnic influences gives the soundscape world music textures and new age timbres. The idea is sound and solid. Bacchus offers us a world music orchestra!
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Serenity Sound

The place where it all began in 1986. Our founding company, Serenity Sound was one of Canada's first New Age music distributors. To celebrate our enduring legacy we have launched the Serenity Sound label and with that the first two label releases, "The Returning" and "Light of the Universe".


The Returning

THE RETURNING - Stephen Bacchus

The album that began it all in 1986. Soothing and revitalizing synthesizer music created using a Roland JX8P synth and recorded and mixed on analog, multi-track tape. Ideal for meditation, yoga and massage. As the title suggests, the music on this album is a returning for me in many ways. Mainly it is a returning to the creation of music again, from which I had taken a two-year hiatus and most importantly, was the consideration of how my music affected the listener. Now "The Returning" is available for the first time since 1986 in its original sequence, with a new cover and released under the Stephen Bacchus artist moniker. Purchase a Limited-Edition CDr    Download from Apple iTunes    Listen on Spotify

Light of the Universe


Drawn from many places on our planet, a group of musicians gathered in Aotearoa (New Zealand) to record an inspirational live album. Like light from the universe, these delicately woven sound crystals will uplift and inspire. A synthesis of ethnic flutes, guitar, kalimba, keyboards and angelic vocal harmonies.
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Deep Tracks

Take the musical road less traveled while listening to music from Deep Tracks. Musical adventures reaching deep into the past and the future.


The Myth Within


A work of Sonic Mysteries. A soundtrack for a utopian quest... A Strange sound in a strange land.
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Drifting Deep

DRIFTING... DEEP - Stephen Bacchus, Hilliard Brozin, Ethereal Journeys

Melodic and ambient music for drifting... deep. This compilation features twelve new tracks by three different artists, from three different continents. Stephen Bacchus (Canada), Hilliard Brozin (South Africa) and Ethereal Journeys (Russia) each contribute their distinctive style for a deep musical experience of drifting within.
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The Keep

THE KEEP - Stephen Bacchus

In Medieval times "The Keep" was the innermost and strongest structure of a castle. Stephen Bacchus has gone into "The Keep" of his musical archives and remastered and released for the first time - a three decade retrospective of his works. For the intrepid musical explorer, this collection spans the entire spectrum of Bacchus' career and writing styles. It also includes the new track, "Gratitude" written especially for this release.

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STARSONG - Rick Miller

Meditative Space Music. Originally released in 1983, Worldwide sales of over 30,000 copies sold. Digitally remastered

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Interstellar Passage


Relaxing, space music with more musical melodic lines.

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This is the founding label of Oasis Productions and is devoted to world-crossover, Japanese, Celtic and new instrumental music.



AVALON - Calverley

A journey into the mythical land of Arthurian legends. Rich sounds of synthesizers with piano and flute.
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Celtic Mysteries


Roger Calverley’s Debut recording for Oasis Productions is an enchanting release designed to create the mood of an ancient Celtic past. With a deep understanding of Celtic traditions and a background in meditation, Calverley has developed a New Age impressionistic approach to Celtic Music. Performed on synthesizers and samplers, “Celtic Mysteries” is both relaxing and at the same time evocative. A best-seller with over 100,000 copies sold!

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Celtic Mysteries II


This is the long-awaited follow-up to the best-selling , Celtic Mysteries. This album of new material recaptures the original spirit of the first release in pristine 20 BIT digital sound. This new album features Celtic harp, flute, guitars, acoustic bass, Uillean pipes, whistle, oboe, English horn, violin, cello, & percussion. Bruce Mitchell (Celtic Destiny) provides additional keyboards as well as a number of enchanting arrangements. 
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Evening Snow

EVENING SNOW - Tani Senzan & Tanaka Yoko

Traditional and contemporary Japanese music performed on the shakuhachi (bamboo flute) and the koto (Japanese harp). 

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Zen Spirit

ZEN SPIRIT - Tani Senzan

An album of shakuhachi solos played in the style by the ancient Zen priests. Excellent for use in Zen meditation.
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Celtic Destiny

CELTIC DESTINY - Bruce Mitchell

Celtic Destiny - A highly melodic mix of well-known and rare traditional melodies combined with original compositions by the artist. A richly-layered Celtic fantasy. Include the favourites, "Carrickfergus" and "Foggy Dew".

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The Gathering

THE GATHERING - Bruce Mitchell

The Gathering" is a new instrumental album by former Narada artist Bruce Mitchell. Well known for his world-wide Narada releases "Hidden Pathways" and "Dancing on the Edge", his arranging and producing work has also been featured on Oasis Productions’ "Celtic Mysteries" and "Avalon". Recorded at his state-of-the-art studio Millenia, this is Mitchell's best album to date. Complementing his accomplished keyboard work and evocative arrangements are performances on flute, soprano saxophonist and guitar.

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Celtic Sanctity

CELTIC SANCTITY - Bruce Mitchell

CELTIC SANCTITY is the crowning achievement of Bruce Mitchell’s musical career. These deeply inspired compositions lead the listener across the storied places of the heart. Five years in the making this long-awaited follow-up to his highly successful, “Celtic Destiny”, combines masterful and subtle arrangements of keyboards and samplers with richly detailed, heartfelt performances on flutes, recorder, whistle, violin, piano, acoustic & electric bass and percussion. This is “a once in a decade” release.

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Celtic Spirit

CELTIC SPIRIT - Anderson/Meis

Two Celtic harps capture the Celtic past with arrangements of traditional tunes including “Early One Morning” and "Brian Boru's March".

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This label features artists who create an ambient and atmospheric sound. Mirage features tracks from newly discovered artists who are leading innovators in their field. It also features "classic reissues" of ambient music of merit from the past, which have all been remastered. Our international roster of artists is drawn from all around the world.


THE WHITE LP - Danna & Clement

THE WHITE LP - Danna & Clement

This rarest of reissues documents the earliest recording(1977) by this ambient duo. Remastered from the original vinyl LP titled "The White Album", the tracks on this recording showcase their early Art rock, electronic, and Renaissance music influences. The large work, "The Seasons" foreshadows the sound and direction the duo eventually went – "ambient with nature sensibilities". A must have for the Danna & Clement collector. 
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Ambient Eclipse

THE AMBIENT ECLIPSE - Steve Roach (USA) • Hiroki Okano (Japan) • Danna & Clement (Canada) • Stephen Bacchus (Canada) • R.S. Thompson (USA) • Jeff Pearce (USA) • Frank Quasar (Belgium) • David Knight (U.K.) • Peter Ball (Australia) • Paul Tedischini (Canada)

Sonic navigations through dark, subterranean soundspaces and irredescent, ethereal realms. An international ambient music compilation produced and conceived by Stephen Bacchus.
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AMBIENT ORIGINS - Stephen Bacchus

A collection of ambient and atmospheric works from the mid-1980s reflecting the artist’s earlier influences. Captured here, for the first time on CD, is music evocative of cavernous underground warehouses and abandoned munitions factories, deep cold Canadian winters, and lost childhood memories. Bacchus has said of this release: “Returning to these earlier musical works has given me insight into my compositional process, and a chance to rediscover my connection with electronic and Ambient music. For some this may provide the “missing link” to the origins of my other albums.”

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The Best Of Danna And Clement


In 1983, two Canadian composers from very different musical backgrounds quietly released a self-produced album entitled, A Gradual Awakening.  With that release and the two albums which followed, these artists single-handedly created a distinctly  Canadian ambient music. Mychael Danna and Tim Clément spent most of the summers of 1984 and 1985 on a remote farm in the isolation of the Ontario wilderness composing and recording.  With this reissue on MIRAGE’s “TIME CAPSULE SERIES” the best of Danna & Clément’s ambient works have been brought together on a single CD, specially repackaged and remastered with a newly commissioned track in the same distinctive style.

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A Gradual Awakening


“This is environmental music from the great Canadian shield, majestic rugged land of lakes and forest, loons and timber wolves. Danna & Clément’s warm gentle portraits also evoke something deeper -- the moods and character of this land, revealed from a long, knowing connection with it. Here is the heart of the deep northwoods expressed in the tone-poems of Danna & Clément”. - Anna Turner*

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(1) A diffused ethereal fluid (acasa)occupying space: 
it has the property of audibleness, being the vehicle of sound, derived from the sonorous rudiment or ethereal atom. (2) A new label imprint from Oasis that ventures into the uncharted musical territories of new tonalities, fluid compositional forms and sound adventures.


MINUS (-) 6 - Static Flux

MINUS (-) 6 - Static Flux

Ambient layers, created by recording environments & objects, then modifying them via loops and digital effects.
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This album is mostly in a Euro-lounge style (ala Buddha Bar), with music influenced by the Balkan beats. 
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ETHERIUM: Music Meditations - Stephen Bacchus

Six ambient music meditations for reaching inner space mostly, written before the album PANGAEA, it features six music meditations that allow you to reach your inner space. Bacchus' fluid approach to music meter frees the body and nervous system of routine responses and restores natural rhythms. It is available in a limited-edition CDr." The last track "Sanctum" was written by Stephen Bacchus and mixed/produced by Steve Roach in his Timeroom Studio. It was featured on the crtically acclaimed album. "The Ambient Expanse."

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